A National Company
The Agency Builder System;
Fee Program

Fees $39 per month

The monthly fee is $39. However ABS will return your fee and more, much more, through the ABS system.

Part of your fee is processed through the ABS system hierarchy to generate expense money for you. ABS designed this to provide you with money to help you run your business and provide you money to buy leads, pay sales expenses and more. It's your money, so spend it anyway you want.

Distribution of fees:

$19 will be used to help pays ABS's expenses.

Keep in mind... ABS is giving up an average of 29% IMO override commission to help you earn extra comp on your sales and also, if you wish, build your agency. Recruiting is an option, not mandatory.

ABS's spends on the average of $25.00 an agent for every appointment with every company. We spend 2-$300 on each agent for contracting. The cost to process and issue a policy is even more. Total operations cost, excluding the 29% for you above is approximately 10%. So you could say that you have 39% over GA commission levels to run your business. WOW!

$20 will be the part of the fee paid back to you that will generate your expense fund through the ABS system so you can buy leads, appointments and more.

Through the ABS system this $20 will generate extra income earned for you as you and ABS grow. See chart below to see how your $20 is placed in the system to generate expense money for you.

In the example below, if you and ABS recruit together this is easy to accomplish. Remember everyone joining ABS is placed in an active ABS's agents down line. ABS will recruit most of the agents in your down line because all new agents coming into the system are placed in existing agents down line.

The chart below illustrates you and ABS recruiting 5 agents on your line 1. ABS and agents in line 2,3,4,5 recruit only 3 agents. This illustrates how your $20 grows as ABS grows to the point you have operating money every month to run your agency.

In this example your $39 fee can generate over $2000 per month and more for expenses. ABS will help you do this. It's your money, so spend it anyway you want.

Question: What if you and ABS recruited 10 agents instead of 5 on your line 1?

Note: You must be a "Qualifying Member" ($300 per month in new business) to earn the fees in the example below.



Premium Per Agent This Month

Your Base Commission

Your Bonus Percent,

Recruiting Fees/Override Percent From Agents You Recruit

Recruiting Fees/Overrides Percent From Agents Your Agents Recruit

Your Commission

Your Bonus

Your Recruiting Fees/Overrides From Each Agent You Recruit

Recruiting Fees/Overrides From Agents Your Agents Recruit

Number of Agents You Recruited

Your Month

Commission + Bonus +

Recruiter Fees







Your GA Commission






Your Bonus





Line 1 Recruiter Fees






Line 2 Recruiter Fees





Line 3 Recruiter Fees





Line 4 Recruiter Fees





Line 5 Recruiter Fees










Month Total






As you can see, looking at the far right column, once you and ABS recruit 5 agents on your line 1 you are earning $50 every month.

This is the new AGENCY BUILDER SYSTEMs first year beginning July 1, 2024. There will be 100s and 1000s of agents joining ABS.

It won't take long to build your down line. What if you and ABS recruited 10 agents instead of 5 on your line 1?