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Bonus & Recruiter Fees/Overrides

pays an immediate bonus on your personal production over and above you GA commission. No qualifying requirements. First dollar of production. See example below.

Your personal production bonus will range (life sales) approximately from 5 to 15%. More dollars have gone into recruiting fees/overrides. Bonus/fees vary with products.

Everyone you recruit will have the same commission contract that you have. In other words, what you see for yourself you can offer the same to the agents you recruit. Everyone starts at Top Street or the GA commission level. WOW!

See the example below of how increasing the number of agents you recruit will exponentially increase your income. In today's economic times we need to work together... The ABS system works because everyone agrees to consistently writes business.

As an example one of our mortgage term products pays you 100% commission. ABS adds an additional 33% for your immediate bonus commission and recruiter fees/overrides to build your down line. You will earn recruiter fees/overrides from all the agents you recruit, the ones they recruit, the ones they recruit, the ones they recruit and the ones they recruit. That's five levels of override (OR) commission! Remember, ABS will recruit producing agents for you and your down line too.

In the example below you and ABS recruit only 5 agents. All the agents in your down line and ABS recruit only 3 agents. Everyone makes a mortgage term sale for $2,000 (could be two sales). Your income for the month would be $27,700.00. WOW!

"It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This"!