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The records above are examples of what you will be able to see when you go to  http://absystem.info/graphics/button_member.jpgand go ON LINE to track your organization. If this were your organization the top left record show you how many agents you have recruited on your line 1. In this case you recruited only three agents. You also will be able to see how many agents everyone else has recruited and their contact information (new) on lines 2, 3, 4 and 5. The SYSTEM builds a base 5 level organization for you. These are snap shots that only give you a brief sample of just how comprehensive and sophisticated this SYSTEM is.  “There Is Nothing Else Like It”

The top right record allows you to see your Bonus Commission Year to Date (YTD).

The bottom left record shows how much you have earned on OVERRIDES for the month of March.

The bottom right record tells you how much you have been paid on OVERRIDES YTD.

the new … “AGENCY BUILDER SYSTEM” will allow you to earn a much higher overrides than the old system.

The reasonEveryone has the same commission contract that you have.  In other words, what you see for yourself you will offer the same to the agents you recruit.  Makes it easy to recruit!  You earn TOP STREET (GA) Commission and an immediate bonus on the first dollar of commission you write/place.  You can see all your bonuses and overrides on our web site …. 5 level contact info too.