A National Company
  The Agency Builder System;
The System Formula

YP + YB + (OR1P x AP x TA)+ (OR2-5 X AP X TA) = Your Monthly Income

YP =Your production
YB =Your Bonus as a percent of commissionable premium
OR1P = Overrides % from agents you recruit (level 1 agents)
AP = Average Production per agent
OR2-5 = Override % from agents level 2-5.
TA = Total # of Agents

The Agency Builder System (ABS) is your IMO ...

All agents start at TOP STREET level (GA) commissions ..

ABS shares part of their overrides to establish the bonus/override system.

Agents working together each have the same amount ABS contributes to the bonus/override system.

The override system (hierarchy) is a five level system.

Agents only recruit to their line 1.

The overrides are much higher* for the agents you recruit than the other 4 levels.

An agent may recruit as few or as many agents as they wish.

The more agents you have on your line 1 the greater your income potential.

You earn an immediate bonus on the first dollar of commission you write/place.

"Every agent you recruit has the same commission, bonus and overrides that you have. Makes it easy to recruit and retain agents!"


“It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This”