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The Agency Builder System;
Future Plans
Beginning in Year 1
To develop our own web site for customers to buy insurance on line. Big difference, all sales are credited to an agent (AGENCY BUILDER). In other words, the agent (AGENCY BUILDER) gets paid as if he/she solicited and wrote the policy themselves. This will be done by tenure and zip code. An agent (AGENCY BUILDER) must be consistent on their personal production in order to qualify for an internet generated sale. All sales in this program will go through an agent (AGENCY BUILDER).
Example: A customer buys a policy on the internet and the annual premium is $1000. ABS, INC's commission on this policy is $1390. The agent we assign to this account would be paid 75% of this or $1042.50. The remainder, 25% would go into the SYSTEM and pay overrides, bonuses, etc. Only the AGENCY BUILDER SYSTEM, INC. will do this for you!
lead program. Leads will be available Jan 2016. We are currently working with several lead companies to negotiate leads at a discount. You will have your choice of exclusive leads or less expensive shared leads.
STOCK OPTIONS: We are working with a few companies now that offer stock options, health benefits and deferred comp. Once an agent has contracted we will go into more details.
EQUITY PRODUCTS: To offer equity and variable products .... we continue to look at this and we will eventually offer equity products.
To work with all agents and try our best to implement things you want to do.
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