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About Agency Builder System, Inc. and
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Agency Builder System, Inc. has been an idea of mine for half of my career. I started seriously working on the SYSTEM after I retired in 2000.

My insurance career spans back 34 years where I started as an Insurance adjuster with Allstate Insurance Company in Beaumont, Texas. I served in that position for 11 months, spending half my time writing estimates on cars and houses and the other half negotiating with attorneys on bodily injury claims. In those eleven months I spent eleven weeks either in Northbrook Illinois at Home Office or our Zone Headquarters in Atlanta. I was then promoted into the Allstate Management Development (AMD) program.

My first assignment was as a sales rep in the Beaumont Sears Store. I liked sales much better than being an adjuster. I wrote more than 50 insurance policies of some kind every month. I wrote several life insurance policies every week. I did not work in the Sears store but instead went door to door businesses. I hardly ever ran into another agent?

I was a Sales Rep for exactly 6 months and then was moved to our Houston Regional Office and continued my AMD training where I worked in our Services, Underwriting, Controller, Accounting and Public Affairs Departments for 13 months. I then started my AMD Sales Managers Training Program which lasted for 15 months.

After almost 3 years in the Allstate AMD program I was given my first assignment as District Manager in Corpus Christi, Texas.

It was a great assignment and I still have lots of friends in Corpus Christi. The agent there trained me in two years much better than all the Home Office and MDP training.
As a sales team we were the Best District in the Region. There were 14 other Districts in South Texas. We won all the Life Contests!

After two years in Corpus Christi, I was promoted to Regional Life Sales Manager, back in Houston again. In this position I coordinated all the Life and Mutual Fund activities for 190 agents and managers. I was the liaison with IRS on tax shelters and a Registered Principal for our Mutual Fund Activities and Compliance.

After 9 months as the Life Sales Manager I was promoted to Regional Field Sales Manager. In this position I worked with District Managers. My territory was South Texas and it required travel almost every week. I was in this position for two years.

I then elected to take a Senior District Managers position in Houston. I worked with most of the Allstate Agents in Houston during the next five years. Some of my best friends are Allstate Agents and Managers. My experience with Allstate was great!

I was recruited by MetLife in 1982 as a Branch Manager at a big increase in pay but better yet, an unlimited income opportunity.

I started a “Scratch Agency”, that’s one with an office and no agents. I recruited a staff and ten agents by year end and had placed $190.000 (at 50% for life and 2% on annuities) Net First Year Commission. That is the same as $400,000 + in an independent agency operation.

The agency grew each year and finally we were producing over $500,000 NFYC (comparable to a $1,000,000 + NFYC independent agency). We were one of the most successful agencies in the company.

I enjoyed my visits to Mets Home Office in Manhattan. Most of upper management had been in sales and their doors were open, especially to agents and sales managers.

My training with Met took me to the NY Home Office many times and depending where the Zone Offices were, to the San Francisco or St Petersburg, Florida offices.

With Met I traveled many times to other Regions and Districts to conducted training sessions on various subjects with new and experienced agents and managers.

Some of my best friends in this world are agents and managers with MetLife.

My experience with MetLife was great!

Most of what I know about sales and running an agency came from some very smart agents. I have never been reluctant to ask others for help. I would like to mention the agents who trained me during my career but the list would go on, and on and on and on. Because of all of the agents (and managers) I worked with and their help, I have the financial capabilities to launch the Agency Builder System. This system is an agent system. This system will financially reward agents better than anything out there!


I married my high school sweetheart and we have a son, Jonathan Holley in Real Estate (REMAX) in Sugar Land, Texas, and a daughter, Judy Peikert, who is a Project Manager with Sun Microsystems in Austin, Texas. My wife, Libba, is a retired First Grade School Teacher.

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